The Best of Proton X70 SUV Part 3/4: Reassured Safety

Proton X70 SUV is where Proton as a car company should be. Liked the styling. Liked the in-car functions. How about the safety? The answer is, Proton X70 as a SUV is never better. Proton X70 never come short with modern safety features as well.

Proton X70 reassured safety

Proton X70 is equipped with safety features beyond traditional airbags and ABS. A peace of mind in place, where the soul of everybody is more precious than anything. Proton X70 comes with these nine safety features that is above the normal standard.

Proton X70 6 SRS airbags to protrct/reduce the risk of injury to all precious passengers inside during unfortunate collision.
Proton X70 Bosch 9.1 electronic stability program (ESP) improve SUV stability/ traction.
Proton X70 autonomous emergency braking (AEB) & front collision warning (FCW), radars that signal warning, and apply the brakes automatically.
Proton X70 adaptive cruise control (ACC). Turn this on and it helps maintain a safe distant to vehicle in front.
Proton X70 lane departure warning (LDW) will alert you if the SUV is about to drift out.
Proton X70 blind spot information system (BLIS) monitor your blind spots and alert you if any vehicle comes nearby.
Proton X70 intelligent high beam control (IHBC) will auto adjust to your driving situation, high for you, going low if other vehicle come nearby.
Proton X70 tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).
Proton X70 360 camera and parking sensors provides visual/ audible assistance during parking.

Proton X70 AWD Executive
Variant #3, all features of Proton X70 Executive 2WD as revealed in Part 2/4 plus..
+ Tyre pressure monitoring system

Proton X70 Executive AWD

The Best of Proton X70 SUV

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