Taman Putra Per­dana Lake

The lake of Taman Putra Perdana is the location favorite by local to go fishing. The water catchment is a place for sport fishing aiming at bigger freshwater fish swimming around underwater innocently, until they get caught biting the baits.

Taman Putra Perdana is a place of serine beauty, a huge lake was developed over time naturally after abandoned mining site of the past, hence creating such surreal water surrounding. That is why there is an upper class D'island Residence developed right at the center of the map. Greens with relaxed neighborhood areas scatters surrounding the plots. Inviting for foot/ sport fishing activities.

Ground condition along the banks mostly being covered with wild grass, but some spots lining the lake also features lines of wet silky smooth muddy earth, so be careful your feet might get stuck. The lake is pretty crazily deep, even at the banks sloping deep into the lake, not kind of area for kids, there was rumors that big old sand mining machine of the past era readily submerged inside the lake.

Common fishes in Taman Putra Perdana (the lake):
- Giant Snakehead/ Ikan Toman (getting rarer day by day, catch & release recommended)
- Catfish/ Ikan Keli
- Kolopia/ Ikan Tilapia
- Silver Catfish/ Ikan Patin

Photos credit: Kosmo, Metro, mStar.

Be careful, due to crossing concrete ledge, water looks innocent yet a death trap for novice.
Shallow knee-deep downstream area of the weir at the Taman Putra Per­dana lake.
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