Cikgu Suraya

Cikgu means teacher. Suraya is a name of a young beautiful woman. But if you live in Malaysia, and your name is Suraya and your profession is a teacher, here is an important info, please avoid being acknowledge as Cikgu Suraya. Please choose other calling eg: Cikgu Yaya. Why? Please read along.

Legend of Cikgu Suraya.

Because Cikgu Suraya is not only two innocent words anymore in Malaysia, but readily developed into a term, a fiction character, used in the 1990's or early 2000's for an indie "sexy" short story fiction famous among school students and male teachers alike. The era of early computer bubble and internet is such a luxury, but many urbanites readily connected to it. An underground viral masterpiece where the word viral itself not yet introduced into the pop culture, hence you can expect everybody in the whole Malaysia to know who, or how "tickling" Cikgu Suraya was.

Now those students already in their 20's or 30's but when they heard or see someone being called Cikgu Suraya, such term definitely being sexually inviting, just like how you pictured lustful things when you heard anything related to 50 Shades of Grey movie, inviting "fun" jokes and "imaginative" memes among netizen, over the years.

Cikgu Suraya: Synopsis

Cikgu Suraya is a short racy story of 17 years old school student, named Amir, cycling around neighborhood under raining weather. Being unlucky enough, his bicycle goes flat tyre right in front of Cikgu Suraya's house, his mathematics teacher. In desperation, he called for his teacher, asking to borrow a pump/ tyre inflator. Seeing her pupils all wet and about to catch flu under such weather, Cikgu Suraya invited Amir into her home and...

Cikgu Suraya was originally written by Ticersham during his high school year, in year 2000, first published on now obsolete website

If you want to know more/ read this legendary Cikgu Suraya short story, in Malay language though, it is still freely available, being preserved by the writer himself here on Wattpad.

Cikgu Suraya: The Movie
There was an effort to turn Cikgu Suraya short story into a movie of the same title as original, Cikgu Suraya (2014) by Mogi (director) at Eromotion Pictures. Probably also as an indie straight to DVD film, but it turns out as a flop from the very beginning. Not enough funds was raised and obviously Cikgu Suraya was not really in-sync with Malaysian culture at all.
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