Top 10 2018 Android TV Boxes

Malaysian is recently experiencing a leap of broadband internet upgrades with nationwide support from the government for fiber optic infrastructure. Hence as a fast internet consumer of today, what you need now? Obviously an expansive Smart TV or.. just get those Android TV boxes, plug it to your ordinary HDTV/ a monitor to turn those screen into a powerful smart TV. Yes, value for money Android TV boxes.

Android TV OS homescreen interface.

Why Android TV?
1. Operating System: Google Android TV OS/ Amazon Fire OS/ MIUI OS (China)
2. Streaming: Youtube TV/ Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ Unify TV/ iFlix/ Facebook Watch
3. Home Theater: Kodi/ Mobdro/ Showbox/ Crackle/ Crunchyroll/ KKBox/ Cartoon network
4. Android Games: PUBG etc.
5. Web Browsers: Firerox/ Chrome
6. Google Play Store Apps for Android TV
7. Voice Search/ Assistant: Google Assistant/ Alexa
...and more. It is like you now own an android tablet, but much more, parents-friendly as well (if you Malaysian/ Asian you know) awesome!

For those who feel restricted with only basic remote control, you can also purchase wireless accessories such as..
1. Air Mouse/ Keypad
2. Game Controller/ Joystick
..for as cheap as RM20 to easily navigate your Android TV screen.

Hence, here is the top 10 Android TV boxes, best of the best based on overall speed and performance, you can get from the market today in the 2018.

#1 Nvidia Shield TV (2017) 8 Oreo
Price: USD189 [Amazon] RM1.2K-RM2.7K [Shopee][Lazada]. Quad-core CPU. 3GB RAM + 16GB internal storage + 256-core Nvidia GPU. This is the only Android TV box recommended if you want to play games. Has more than sufficient cooling, and the best Android gaming features. Netflix 4K. Amazon Prime 4K. Youtube 4K. Latest official version of Google Android TV OS 8 Oreo along with built-in Chromecast. 4K streaming at 60fpps with Dolby Atmos, meaning you get the best video and audio streaming currently available, bluetooth, USB 3, 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi, voice remote control, voice game controller. Limitations are, the price, as you might want to buy X-Box One or Playstation 4 as alternative. But if you still want a TV box, this is the best Android TV box money can buy.

Nvidia Shield TV 4K HDR streaming media player.

#2 H96 Max (Hexacore) V7
Price: USD119 [Amazon]. Rockchip 3399 CPU. The famous 2017 model. Exactly the same specs as #3 X99 but this one will give you a slightly better performance and nicer looking homescreen. Netflix 480 and no Amazon Prime. Amazing Android TV box if you up for power.

H96 Max Android 7.1.

#3 X99 (Hexacore) V7
Price: USD119 [Amazon]. Powerful performance with Rockchip 3399 CPU. 3GB RAM + 32GB internal storage. Android 7.1. Bluetooth. USB 3. Dual-band Wi-Fi. DTS True HD and 5.1 surround sound. Youtube 4K. Netflix 480p. Offers share performance power such as run large KODI builds or you want to do more than just stream videos eg: office documents or graphic packages or you just hungry for power. Limitations eg: Netflix 480p and no Amazon Prime.

X99 Android TV box.

#4 Xiaomi MI Box - 8 Oreo Update
Price: USD69 [Amazon] RM250-RM300 [Shopee][Lazada]. Quad-core Amlogic S905 CPU. 2GB RAM + 8GB internal storage. Video and audio streaming quality is on par with #1 Nvidia Shield TV, basically a cheaper alternative to the Shield minus the gaming side. 4K streaming at 60fpps. 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi. Voice search remote control. Netflix 4K. Amazon Prime 4K. Youtube 4K. Android 8 Oreo with official version of Google Android TV OS, which comes with full Chromecast feature built-in. Limitation is 8GB internal storage, but can be resolved with USB drive converted to internal storage. Lack of ports eg: 1 USB port, no Ethernet socket and no micro SD card slot. If you use mainly for streaming, this is a more than capable 4K Android TV box.

Update: Same specs but now supported with 5GHz Wi-Fi. See Mi Box S.

MI Box with Android 8 Oreo.

#5 Fire TV 4K Cube
Price: USD119 [Amazon][Shopee]. Has exactly the same features as #6 Fire TV 4K but you get some extras. Built-in Amazon speaker with far-field voice recognition which allows you to control your Android TV box and your TV with your voice from nearly 3 meters away and it is very accurate thanks to 8 built-in microphones. USB dock via OTG, also comes with Ethernet adapter as standard. So you can turn your TV on/off, volume up/down, change input source eg: HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 with just your voice.

Fire TV 4K Cube.

#6 Fire TV 4K (3rd Gen)
Price: USD69.99 [Amazon][Shopee]. Quad-core CPU. 2GB RAM + 8GB internal storage. Dolby Atmos DTS 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound. Netflix 4K. Amazon Prime 4K. Youtube 1080p. Offers 4K streaming at 60 frames per seconds with Dolby Atmos, meaning it offers the best video streaming and audio quality currently available. Bluetooth support. 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi which is dual-band Wi-Fi with dual-band antennas, the best Wi-Fi connection available currently available on Android TV box. Also with voice search remote control and same user friendly system in Amazon devices.

Fire TV 4K.

#7 Magicsee C400 + TV Tuner
Price: USD199. Octa-core CPU. 3GB RAM + 32GB internal storage. This is a hybrid Android TV box offering Android 7.1 with built in multi TV tuner. Support Youtube 4K and Netflix SD. Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. Powerful octa-core performance and super smooth TV tuner. Limitations are Netflix 480p and no USD 3 support.

Magicsee C400.

#8 Mecool M8S Pro L
Price: USD82 RM200 [Lazada]. Octa-core CPU. 3GB RAM + 32GB internal storage. Netflix HD. Youtube 4K. Google Android TV OS version 7.1. Offers powerful octa-core performance along with HD steaming, bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. Limitations are no Dolby support, no USB 3.

Mecool M8S Pro L.

#9 H96 Max Plus 32GB
Price: USD49.99 [Amazon]. Rockchip 3328 Quad-core CPU. 4GB RAM + 32GB internal storage. You can get 64GB internal storage version as well, but that is the different about that, anything else is all the same. Support 5.1 Surround Sound with Netflix HD, Amazon Prime 480p and Youtube 4K. Android 8 Oreo. USB 3. Dual band Wi-Fi. Looks like it takes out all Android TV boxes but it got no bluetooth. But this is the best performing Android TV box you can buy at cheap.

2018 H96 Max Plus.

#10 Amazon Fire TV Stick 2
Price: USD39.99 [Amazon][Shopee]. Quad-core CPU. 1GB RAM + 8GB internal storage. Support for Dolby DTS. Netflix HD. Amazon Prime HD. Youtube HD working from web browser at 1080p. Bluetooth. Voice search. Among the best 1080p video streaming option along with Dolby support. For the low price you get probably the best dual band Wi-Fi antennas currently available in Android TV boxes. Along with Bluetooth support and Alexa Voice Search remote included along with a user friendly menu system. The are limitation of expansion and low specs, but yes.

Tiny Amazon Fire Sticks 2 with Alexa Voice Control.

PS: Online prices fluctuates, more or less, on average.
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