Ruqyah Products This Is How Our Ustaz Do It

Many Muslim scholars now selling ruqyah products. Meaning the product such as mineral water, pure honey, herbal tonic etc has been exposed to the readings of quranic verses during the production process. Yet as a normal end consumer, you might wonder how they do it? Here is the answer.

Honey with Quranic ruqyah.

The product is honey, marketed by well known Islamic preacher in Malaysia. They arranged bottled of pure 100% organic honey sourced from the best flower puree of Mata Kuching Euphoria malaiense fruit tree. Then these orphans circled all the bottled honey, sit there and read the Quran in believe of seeking health benefits from the honey that has been read with Quranic verses. This technique widely known among Muslim as ruqyah.

Photos credit: #ustadmadu.

All honey placed at the center.
Orpahange starts reading Quran in intention of doing ruqyah.
Lead by an ustaz, hence nobody playing around.

Ruqyah in Islam means the recitation of Quran, seeking refuge, remembrance and supplications for treatening sicknesses and other problems.

Conditions of ruqyah
- Must be in the name of Allah, His speech and the speech of His messenger.
- Must be in Arabic, or known meaning in other languages.
- To believe ruqyah has no power by itself, but the cure is from Allah.
- No ruqyah in major impurity (junub) or at a place not permissible to do worship (ibadah).

You at home can do ruqyah too. See the how to do ruqyah tutorial video below. Ruqyah on a glass full of honey drink.

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