What Is This 11.11 Shopping Celebration Actually Means?

In recent weeks, we see Lazada, then Shopee, then few other e-retailer advertised their 11.11 shopping celebration day. What is this 11.11 or Double 11 means?

11.11 Singles Day

11.11 was first being known globally since China's Alibaba managed to turn it into 11.11 shopping deals' day with huge sales volume, so does the commercial profit.

Lazada record breaking RM111 million worth of products sold in 11.11.

11.11 or Double 11 is actually an old unofficial 'bachelors day' or 'singles day' celebration in mainland China, since 1990, celebrating all single males in China huge human population. Over the years, 11.11 keep on growing celebrating any single bachelor persons male and female, then they celebrate their single meetup, not dating, now 11.11 in term of human culture not just restricted to two singles anymore but two singles going out with other two singles or more. Sort of anti-Valentine's Day, the China's way.

In addition to meaning 'single', 11/11 in Chinese pronunciation also sounds similar to 'one life' or 'one lifetime', a basis that seems make sense that attract many to join in celebrating the 11.11 day.

Leave the info aside, thanks to the internet, 11.11 nowadays growing into going commercial. 11.11 is now world's #1 e-commerce shopping day in term of sales volume. An answer to USA's Black Friday, with all major e-shopping operators in China keep pushing the sale/ shopping celebration day not just in their home country anymore but to the whole wide world as well.

Prices down as cheap as RM1, in Malaysia e-shopping scene we got eg:
1. Lazada 11.11 (biggest sale ever plus super show/ concert)
2. Shopee 11.11
4. 11street 11.11

Lazada Singles Day Super Show.

Also some real-world retailers starts joining the bandwagon with their own 11.11 carnival. Meaning prospective buyers need to go to the ground to get those listed sale/ coupon/ offers/ deals given by the mall's participating partners/ brands.
1. IPC 11.11 (Mutiara Damansara)
2. MyTown 11.11 (Cheras)
3. Ikea 11.11 (Malaysia)
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