Top 10 Media Streaming Apps For Your Android TV Box

I posted earlier top 10 must have Android TV box for you to turn your normal TV into modern smart TV. I recommend you to purchase the only one Xiaomi's most stable 2016/2017 Mi Box 3 (Android 6) International Version or Xiaomi's latest 2018/2019 Mi Box S (Android 8) International Version both comes with almost similar tech (not cheap 3C, 3S, 4C anything like that produced for internet-restricted China users) as it sits among the Top 10 Android TV Boxes, also value for money which is not so cheap yet also coming in with premium TV box features, the international Android TV Operating System developed and maintained by Google LLC.

Android TV 8 Oreo clean smart interface.

So now, after purchase, you normally get very basic official android TV apps pre-installed.
1. Youtube TV
2. Netflix (Voucher RM25 per month)
3. Red Bull TV
4. Google Play Movies
5. Google Play Music
6. Google Play Games
7. Google Play Store

While those Youtube TV and Netflix is all most people need with every purchase of Android TV box like Mi Box from Xiaomi, here is to let you know you could also find and install other apps, to enhance your Android TV box experience, turning it into not just normal TV but a powerful worldwide live channels, dramas and movies streaming device.

Some can be found within official Google Play Store, while some need you to source from other similar android app library (the apks from unknown source) eg: Aptoide, Apkpure etc. How to install it? Use Downloader by AFTVnews app from Google Play Store, write down target apk file links found in Aptoide for download/ install. Or simply download Aptoide TV app using AFTVnews, then you can forget Downloader app forever because Aptoide TV app is a store for "unknown sources" Android TV apps.

1. iFlix (VIP RM96 per year)
Subscribe for monthly VIP package for RM10 and you will get access to localized Asian version of Netflix. If you live in Malaysia, you are lucky enough, iFlix is giving its home country base user access for FREE package. Just look for FREE sticker to watch anything without you need to pay any single cent. Signup is easy, it requires only email account, and you will be asked for phone number only once, to activate your FREE account enabling you to watch contents on iFlix.

2. Mobdro
This is the oldest international live TV channels and movie streaming databases. Mobdro is now updated with easy to navigate and visually appealing list of media contents. The most stable and easy to use media streaming apps ever developed for Android TV. Tons of live TV channels and movie streaming selections inside Mobdro library, you will never gets bored, probably to the tune of hundred thousands.

3. Google Chrome
While Android TV does not provide user with pre-installed browser of any kind inside, search it and you'll found nothing. But there is actually a hidden workaround that does not requires any hacking. With your remote just voice out "Open Chrome" or "Launch Chrome" and Google Assistant on your Android TV OS will show results that includes Chrome app available for you to install from Google Play Store. Click and install it.

Or just open your Android TV, open Google Play Store from your mobile or PC, choose install to your Android TV eg: MIBOX. Make sure you open both using the same Google user account.

Well, Kodi is kodi. The best invention ever introduced to Android TV system. Kodi is a versatile media player app, allows you to not just crawls media contents directly from IPTV and P2P ecosystem and play it, but much more. You'll need to learn a bit more about Kodi, yes Kodi is also a bit messy and unreliable with so many not working anymore links, but once you understand at least the basic of how to put add-on on Kodi, you'll be amazed on how broad you can manipulate Kodi for your own need. Some most used TV add-on inside Kodi includes free AndroidRepublica and premium MyIPTV 4K.

5. Spotify
This is the only jukebox you need for Android TV. Just like using it on any smartphones, Spotify for Android TV is an app where you can play a music playlist as a background music, continuous loop of audio streaming, discover new songs and all. Free with ads and premium upgrade available.

6. Facebook Watch
This is a live video and video library version of your social media giant Facebook. Not very much useful for IPTV or full length movies, but Facebook Watch is a great place for viral videos, trending media discovery. You can follow other user page, like videos, watch later etc.

7. JetBox
This is a brand new media streaming library app for Android TV. Fast app with flawless screen navigation. Features filter by Trending, Genra, Most Popular and Top Rated showing beautiful title results from newest to oldest, works pretty much similar like Kodi, Terrarium TV or ShowBox, it just goes scrape the external web for streaming links.

Not all media you watch on Android TV often only about entertainment. Use it wisely and it can empower your own self as well. Install this TED TV for amazing videos of real world amazing expert speakers giving talks about professional topics ranging from science innovation, to business, to self-help motivation and global issues. TED TV will feed your curiosity, spark conversation and leave you feeling inspired. New TED TV app includes recommended talks updated daily with refreshed layouts, playlists and easier navigation.

9. Live Channels
Perhaps the most powerful apps yet under utilized by Android TV users. Probably because it doesn't show anything unless you sync it with the playlist source files that requires a little know how about it. This app is built-in by Google, but only appear if you have IPTV sourcing app installed/ enabled. It is basically an app to stream (and bypass all in-app ads) all live IPTV channels available on earth pulled from so many other installed IPTV apps (eg: Bloomberg, Google Play Movies & TV, Pluto TV)/ coded playlist url sources/ digital TV channel tuner/ on-demand videos, into a single Live Channels app hub. Features includes PVR, channel guides, info banner etc.

10. Cumulus TV
The most needed when you want to use Live Channels app. Cumulus TV allows you to sync edited JSON source file from your Google Drive hence you don't need to enter m3u (m3u is a media playlist file that listed tons of IPTV channels or VOD media files' sources) source url everytime. If you don't have any JSON, just search for "m3u" on the internet, you'll get tons of it sorted by countries, or even compiled into a single giant worldwide m3u, get the most updated one and enter those m3u source url into Cumulus TV. Once channels added, pick all or select channels that works, close Cumulus TV app and play your streaming live IPTV channels on Live Channels app.

PS: Xiaomi Mi Box international version also comes with built in Chromecast, so you can browse any content from your smartphones or PC, then click those Google Cast icon to instantly play the media onto your Android TV screen.
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