Rafiq Ismail Is Now #1 World Bowling Champion

Three years in a row ranked top 3 in Asian, national bowler who gave Malaysia gold in Men's Masters 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, and five gold medalists in 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA games, now heightened to a new glorious winning ever by becoming the champion, world's number one, in Hong Kong 2018 World Bowling Men's Championship.

21 years old Rafiq Ismail ended Malaysia four decades long wait, 39 years ago by the trio Allan Hooi, Ed Lim and J.B. Koo in 1979 Manila Bowling World Championship. Rafiq Ismail won in 2018 World Bowling by defeating 2014 winner a Canadian, Dan Maclelland (217-204) in the Single's final night. It doesn't comes easy as he was challenged hard in the semifinal defeating Kyle Troup from USA (171-170).

Below is the highlight, watch it.

Or here is the speech from the Malaysian WMC gold medalist Rafiq Ismail himself. Struggling the whole week, he didn't expect to even be in the top 4. Yet the odd is on him, now ranked as world number one bowling champion.

Here is the video news or read here if you still can't get enough.

Who is Rafiq Ismail?

Malaysian national bowler Muhammad Rafiq Ismail is an Asian top three bowler for three consecutive years, now world's number one singles bowler. His achievement is pretty much impressive, those includes...
Gold Medalist - World Singles 2018
Silver Medalist - World Singles 2017
Gold Medalist - Masters Asian Games 2018
Gold Medalist - x6 2017 Sea Games
Gold Medalist - Asian Championships

Rafiq Ismail World Champion Bowler

The loves for a game of bowling shown by Rafiq Ismail is pretty much unavoidable. His family run a cafe inside a bowling center at Ampang. Since he spent most of the time there, he at age 4, he loves bowling. While at that young age he was unable to lift any bowling ball, he arranged bottles and strike those down using a plastic ball. When he grows older, he play on the lanes and that was the very first step for Rafiq Ismail to become among the greatest bowling player in the world and today, he is the world champion.
- His brother sees him good at it, hence signed him up for a coaching.
- His brother also adviced him to use left hand for bowling, and that a masterstore.
- He steadily climbs junior level in Kuala Lumpur, becoming among the top there.
- In 2011, spotted by national head coach Hollaway, got him into Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress (MTBC).
- Hollaway teach focused him on power play, discipline and diligence, a South Korean style of bowling.
- Within 12 months, at age 14, he defeated 40 years old Kong Byoung-hee from South Korea for the Masters win.
- 2018, Rafiq Ismail won World Bowling, PBA Tour Rookie of the Year, Asian Masters etc.
- 2019, Rafiq planned for the win at PBA Tour title in the United States.

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