Stixfresh Sticker Can Delay Expiry Date Of Fresh Fruits Up To 14 Days Longer

In a world where almost 52% of fresh fruits from farm to fridge but ended up in the landfill uneaten, there comes a solution, if not to halt fruits and vegetables from following its nature of becoming rotten, spoil and goes bad, at least to prolong its life long enough to reduce global food waste and saves billion of dollars in food economy.

Stixfresh optimally preserve shelf live of fruits up to 2 weeks longer.

Stixfresh is a fruit-saving sticker developed by Malaysians at Stixfresh Intl Sdn Bhd and Stixfresh USA Inc.

Stixfresh cofounders:

- Zhafri Zainudin
- Moody Soliman
- Steve Hulteng

Stixfresh sticker works by:

- Extend the freshness of selected fruits by up to 14 days longer.
- Fruits stay firm and fresh, delicious as it should, 50% longer.
- Stixfresh is all 100% natural, so safe, you can even eat Stixfresh stickers.

Stixfresh can keep these fruits fresher longer

Easily peel and place Stixfresh stickers on
- Apples
- Pears
- Avocados
- Dragonfruits
- Kiwis
- Mangos/ Mangoes
- Oranges
... other citrus fruits, to help them stay firm, sweet and juicy.

Stick Stixfresh sticker on selected fruit, and that is it.
Stixfresh stickers.
Stixfresh sticker is delaying fruits from spoilage.
Stixfresh is saving mangoes.
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