Made-In-Malaysia Li-Ion Battery/ 18651 Cell

Since 2014, Malaysia is prototyping into the tech of manufacturing Lithium-ion battery. Now in 2018, the work is almost becoming reality.

Malaysia 18651 cell.

With collaboration between Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii), Malaysia is set to built a Li-Ion battery factory in three months time, which later on could be the first and foremost hub for such battery production in Southeast Asia.

The Malaysia Li-Ion Battery factory will be built somewhere in Negeri Sembilan or Selangor. This is not a Li-ion assembly plant just like in Thailand, but ventured deep into the technology itself in an effort to produce 'made-in-Malaysia' Li-ion cells just like Samsung did for Tesla, or Tesla's own Gigafactory now is doing.

Why Malaysia Want Li-Ion Battery

- off-grid/ solar energy storage for rural areas (Sabah/Sarawak)
- produce our own electric vehicle
- not enough batteries in the world
- so it is better and cheap to produce our own battery

Malaysia Li-Ion Battery Usage

- for electric vehicles eg. car/ bus
- for energy storage eg. powerbank/ solar storage

How Malaysia Going To Build Li-Ion Battery Cells

- Buy electrolyte from local suppliers
- Buy anode (carbon / negative electrode) from the market
- Manufacture our own cathode (Li metal oxide/ positive electrode) *energy stored here*
- Assemble and roll everything together into a Li-Ion cell (one battery unit)

Li-ion cell, in this case Malaysia factory choose to produce the 18651 cell, will be lined together into custom module and then the module can be put into custom pack (box or any kind of shape).

#18651 is one of the size number of li-ion battery cells
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