Religious Preacher Ustaz Abdul Somad In Kota Bharu Stadium

Muslim in Kelantan has hosted an event inside the Sultan Muhammad V Stadium, Kota Bharu to remember all the former religious preacher in Islam, especially the murabbi, former chief minister of Kelantan, one of the 500 most influencial Muslim, the late PAS icon Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Ustaz Abdul Somad.

Bicara Agung - Malam Murabbi Ummah

A Magnificent Talk - In three days event of Hari Murabbi Ummah, the centerpiece of those is the religious preaching event held earlier at 6PM of February 15th, 2019 by Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) outside the stadium, then Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki Abd Rani after maghrib prayer and next the main event continued at 10PM by full 90 minutes religious speech by Indonesian famous Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) LC inside the stadium attended by probably 100,000 of fellow Muslims in the city center of Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

PAS = "Malaysian Islamic Party" the ruling democratic political party in Kelantan, Malaysia.

Murabbi = "Tok Guru" (the teacher), refers to Islamic educators who not only teach the religious knowledge of Islam but at the same time touching the heart by educating the spiritual, physical, mentality and all aspects of life to their students, not just appreciate but practicing in real living life.

Ummah = The brotherhood of Islamic community/ society.

Magnificent photos. See it all through.

Credits: Kelantan TV, RTV Kelantan, MaafsebutTafaqquh.

The venue, before the night.
"Solat Hajat Royalti", before the main event.
Ustaz Abdul Somad giving his "Magnificent Talk" it is the Muslim society responsible to uphold Islam.
Bicara Agung Malam Murabbi Ummah in Sultan Muhammad V Stadium.
Muslim "ummah" in Kelantan.
Listening to the "murabbi".
Malam Murabbi Ummah Feb. 15th, 2019.

See the great speech video below by Ustaz Abdul Somad during that Murabbi Ummah's Night. It is in Malay language though, and seen from a far side of the stadium. See the FB live video here to see the closed-up live streaming.

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