This is meant to help you understand that by viewing any MalaysiaZINE page, there are certain data, data from you, are being collected in the hidden processes.

Information Collect
MalaysiaZINE as simple as it is just collect pageviews, but there are more being collected as a result of third party services being used by MalaysiaZINE such as:
Adsense that serves ads on many pages collects your browsing data to match with the specific content you view to show accurate likeable ads for you.
Facebook comment plugin used under every post need you to sign in first before commenting thus reveal who you are when you are commenting on any post.
Youtube Embedded Videos reads your playback data to cater more relevant videos for you in the future on their site.

By "Data" or "Processes" It Means Probably
Log information, location information, local storage or caches, cookies and similar technologies. Pretty much standard and normal web browsing and web usage data collection, no more than that.